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The UN released a study about food and feed security considering the future of population growth. If we are to be prepared for the next several years we need to make fundamental changes in the way we consume resources.

9.2 Billion

By this time, the world's population is expected to grow to 9.2 Billion people. This new growth will present straigns on our current food value chain. It is predicted that meat prices will rise as there the amount of arrable land decreases. Also the urban, slum population will increase substantially while many people will not have access to access to clean water. In order to support this growth we will need to depend on less resource intensive food sources like insects.

2 Billion

While we may reject the idea of eating insects, the reality is that insects are a culinary delight enjoyed by over 2 billion people across the world. People in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and now Western Europe and the United States have a rich tradition of including insects in their diet.


Chapufarms is focused on fueling the new food revolution with cricket powder and other insect-based products. We are headquartered in Beautiful BC, Canada and handle most of our operations in Oaxaca Mexico where entomophagy runs deep in the local culture. We are a group of Canadian entrepreneurs and engineers that care deeply about the environment and the future of our planet. For many reasons widely discussed and now than ever as the public is made more aware about the opportunities in the global food value chain, we should look for alternative protein sources that are more sustainable and less resource intensive.

A passion for healthy living drives everything at Chapafarms. You shouldn't feel bad about eating good food. Good food is the basis for a good, balanced lifestyle. We also are true to maintaining a triple bottom line. We know our products will have enormous impact for the planet and for the future growing population. We are committed to producing pure and wholesome goods that nurish us and feel right, opting for local, organic, non-gmo wherever possible and keeping both our ingredient list and supply chain as short and simple as possible. We also operate a lean business and listen to customers, letting these same customers drive our growth.

Whether a follower of keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, atkins, bulletproof, mediterranean, slow carbs, there is much confusion in dieting regimens and nutrition in general. We set out to educate the consumer and make wholesome food to help our bodies perform and maintain balance. We also pay attention to the way we prepare food, as that can change the chemical makeup of the ingredients and how nutrients are absorbed, and we fully review and audit our suppliers to ensure alignment and excellent standards.

Consumers today have the power to be in control of their own nutrition through education. We aim to serve this market and lead change in the food revolution that is creating a new level of consumer consciousness about nutrition.