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Why grasshoppers?

Insects are a healthy and sustainable alternative for many reasons.

Amino Acids

We obtain Essential Amino Acids from food since our body cannot produce them. Comparatively crickets contain significantly more amino acids than beef.


Crickets are a high source of iron (they have 2.2x the iron of spinach), important for combating iron deficiency in our body and providing several vital functions.


Comprised of more than 65 % protein, crickets can provide for our daily protein needs and contain more than twice as much protein as beef.


An excellent source of dietary fibre.

Gluten Free and Organic

All grasshoppers are given a gluten free and organic feed. We source from organic manufacturers and make sure that we maintain the highest standards.


Crickets provide a great source of calcium among other micronutrients.

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Our Focus

Cricket Flour

We produce organic and gluten-free cricket flour for human consumption ready to use in any delicious recipe.

Food Products

We produce great food products like our energy bar line "Chapabar" based on our cricket powder.


We conduct cutting edge research in locations around the world, specifically in Oaxaca, Mexico where the culture for entomology is well developed.

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